Free Zen Cart Modules

Sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves from being generous! And donating free, Zen Cart Modules – here is our latest freebie:

XSpamOut – New, Free Module for Zen Cart

A common problem for many Zen Cart Store Owners is the volume of ‘spam’ registrations.

Now – we  have two solutions – CAPTCHA – a free of charge module that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot.

However, many Store Owners’ sites will already most likely have many dozens, hundreds or even thousands of ‘spam’ accounts already registered.

Our new module – XSpamOut – free of charge – was developed to allow a Store Owner to delete spam registrations from both the Customers and Address Book database tables, based on the Company name used for the spam account

If you need XSpamOut – Send an e-mail to Client Services

(P.S.  As with all modules, there is a one hour accrual to a Priority Support Plan (PSP) account.)

And Now –

More and more of of our clients are getting hammered by Spam signups!.

These occur because armies of computers search out sites where automated scripts can be run, creating phantom, Spam accounts.

We have a module – CAPTCHA – that will prevent this.

This modules is also Free of Charge!

If you need to stop rogue registrations Send an e-mail to Client Services